A few more shirts

July 4, 2012

Thank you to all of you who left comments or emails encouraging me to continue dyeing shirts. I spent today dyeing and wanted to share the results. I had a request that I show the shirt pre-dyeing with the clamping shown. So, I’ve paired up photos of before and after pics. I hope you enjoy.



















































































There are four more that I will post this week. And I have several more to dye!

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11 responses to “A few more shirts”

  1. Maryann Gallaher

    Beautiful! Thanks for the before and after pics.

  2. judith

    these are great! thanks for sharing the “during” and “after” pics – so interesting!

  3. marsha leith

    thanks for the before and after pics! I have “tie-dye” and indigo dying kits just waiting to be used on some t-shirts (for me to wear).I like the diagonal clamped ones especially.

  4. Eleanor Levie

    Wonderful before and afters! A real vicarious thrill!

  5. Cathy

    I want image 2806, the aqua & lime one! 🙂

  6. Janet McNulty

    Looks like you had a great 4th of July. All the shirts are great however guess which one I like the best. The purple with the heart.

  7. Vivian

    You have been busy! Enjoyed seeing the process.

  8. regina Goodman

    thank you so much. efforts and pix were really great. do more! maybe paint designs in the clamped areas or add beading. yes……the before and after pix help visualize.


  9. paula.thequilter

    Just think, if you cut holes in your wood you’d have colored circles. Or, how about cutting a shape from wood, e.g., a fish, and clamping the shape? Love the shirts.

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