Another lesson learned

September 5, 2011

As evidenced by prior posts, I’ve been playing with sun printing on cotton fabric. Yesterday I made four new one-yard pieces, with one “failure”. I learned a lesson: The color of the paint must be significantly darker than the fabric it is on. Using a paler hue will not allow the shapes to sun print to show up. I got only a few very subtle effects. This series of photos shows the process and result.

Original hand-dyed fabric



Painting with lavender

End result


This last photo is a close up, attempting to show the very slight impression left by a leaf near the center of this fabric. Basically, all I accomplished was to lighten the over-all color of the piece.

In the future, I’ll take care to use darker paint, and perhaps a lighter base fabric. This might have worked well with black paint. Anyone know if I can paint it again successfully?

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2 responses to “Another lesson learned”

  1. Lynn Kunz

    I learned that lesson last summer. I’ve done better this year and now must figure out what to do with my work. It’s really fun, though, isn’t it? Keep playing and trying.

  2. Sue Andrus

    I have always tried to remember what I was told a long time ago when beginning fabric painting….. There are no “failures” with fabric, just different fabric…. I’ve found that some of my sunprinting failures have been just the fabric bit a project needed. And if you really dislike the result, you can always overpaint 🙂 It has been a long time since I played with re-sunprinting a piece…. I was trying for extra depth to the designs… Can’t remember how things worked out…. Certainly can’t hurt to try! 🙂

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