Another way to use up scraps

May 3, 2011

Again, lots of people tell me they have purchased some of my hand dyes, but they are hesitant to cut into them. They say they’re just too pretty! I say, “cut away!” Make those quilts and enjoy the fabric. And with your scraps, make some beautiful treasures.

I blogged before about the little critter pin cushions I made using hand-dyed leftovers. Recently I used some scraps to make a treasure box. Here it is, front and back.

Treasure box front

Treasure box back

These little boxes are great for enclosing small gifts or for keeping your treasures, like jewelry. You can embellish with thread, yarn, beads or any other fun items you want to use.

If you would like a free copy of the pattern for a treasure box, send an SASE to me at the address on this website.

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