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January 19, 2012

Sometimes I think we all get in a rut, doing the same thing over and over. Not so bad if you’re learning and growing. Not so good if no progress is being made. So, every now and again, I return to something I’ve done before and it’s all new again.

This week I decided to return to experimenting with Arashi Shibori – pole dyeing. I tried some new color combinations. I had two dyes – pewter and navy – that I hadn’t used before. And then an order of burgundy arrived that I used to over dye the first two yards. I like how it turned out. I tried a little different technique for wrapping the fabric. One yard pieces are hard to do because they are so large and overlap on the pole. So, I folded them in half and then wrapped.

This is the pewter overdyed with burgundy. I used rubber bands to hold it in play during dyeing.













I wondered if using string to hold the fabric in place would create a different pattern. So, I used string to wrap the navy blue piece. I also spaced the wrapped strings more closely than i had placed the rubber bands, wondering if this would create a different pattern. This is the result.

 I don’t believe the string made much difference, but I do think the spacing created more lines. Closer wrapping created more wrinkles which created more lines.












I’d love the opportunity to study with one of the artists who is proficient in this technique. Jan Meyers Newbury springs to mind. Maybe someone will come to Denver and I’ll jump on the chance. Until then, I’ll just keep playing.

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