As the class with Elin Noble progressed

May 20, 2012

Class with Elin was full of information and sharing. We would gather around her table and she would share folds and clamps with us.

Around Elin's table

Paper folding for practice

Elin demonstrated her folds using paper as we all followed along. She also had fabric samples of the results of the particular fold. We were busy taking notes and attempting to remember how the fold worked.







Empty walls waiting for fabric

Off we went to our tables to begin folding and clamping. All of the walls in the Crow Barn are pin walls, even sliding doors into storage areas. It really is an ideal work space. This photo was taken in the “dry” room where instruction and fabric prep took place.







In the foreground of this photo you can see some of the books and fabrics that Elin brought to share.




Work in the "wet" room






Once the fabrics were ready, we were off to the dye room to make dye baths and immerse our fabrics. Elin had dye concentrates all mixed and ready for us.

The Crow Barn dye room is full of containers, pots and tubs for dyeing. There are multiple commercial sinks and lots of large tables.







Mary Valerie's wall


This is one student’s work product for the first day. So many different results from a few simple folds.

More to come.

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  1. Lisa

    WOW! You were able to learn a lot in just one day.

  2. Johanna Frtiz

    You mentioned a table of books that Elin brought. Were any of them about clamping and/or folding specifically? Can you pass any titles along that she might have recommended? Thanks.
    Johanna in WI

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