Beginning Sun Printing

August 3, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. Family has kept me  busy, but I’m finally back to work and trying new things. I’ve begun sun printing. I started by following Sue’s tutorial on the Andrus Gardens website. Previously I read that Setacolor was the paint to use for this technique. I was happily surprised when Sue wrote that any fabric paint will work. I’d already purchased the Setacolor, so it gave me the opportunity to compare it to other paints in my studio. I used one-yard pieces for each of the fabrics shown here.

My first attempt was to use the red Setacolor and a turquoise Deka I’ve had for a while.





























As you can see, both paints worked well. The turquoise was painted on a peach-colored hand dye, so that shows up under the leaves.

I loved Sue’s pieces painted with black, so during my second effort I painted black over a yellow hand dye.















Today I tried using Lumiere metallic paint. It works too, and the green left a sparkle. The other piece was dyed blue over a multi-color hand dye and I lost the sparkle somehow. Still, it’s a beautiful piece.





























One difference, the Deka and Setacolor left the fabric with a fairly soft hand. The Lumiere left the fabric relatively stiff. It just doesn’t feel as nice. But I love the metallic sparkle. This is definitely a technique I will continue to explore.

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  1. Norma Schlager

    You got some very nice results. I took a class with Sue several years ago and did quite a bit of this. Fun, isn’t it?

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