Browns gone wrong

April 24, 2013

Over the weekend I tried to dye fabric brown. I had a recipe for a brown that I had seen and liked, so I mixed some up. It was a combination of turquoise, fushia and yellow. The dye bath look very green, and the fabric in the dye bath look green. The result, however, was interesting. The darker areas are brown, but the areas that had a clamp resist were green. Clearly the fushia didn’t migrate there. But the turquoise and yellow combined under the resist objects. I’m guessing this has to do with the striking rate of the colors. There were two fat quarters and one half yard.

















Thinking that the first dye bath was too green, I used the rest of the three dye concentrates to mix what appeared to be a nice brown. This I did by eye. Boy, was I surprised at the result. It dyed a dull fushia. NOT what I wanted.
















Despite how the dye bath looked, the fushia clearly dominated. I thought I had a good, hot bath for the turquoise; and I followed all the usual rules and proceedures. But I just couldn’t get the brown I was looking for. Ideas???




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  1. Karen McInturff

    Tho I have only died silk and usually used resist to create batiks the cry was always “do we have brown yet”.
    Brown was never a problem. I like your browns. Very warm.

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