Brrrrrrr, it is cold outside!

Two thirds of the nation is hunkered down and in the midst of one of – if not the- largest snow storms in history. I suppose we here in Colorado could be considered “lucky” as we received only 2″ of snow. But it is so COLD. While Denver is -3 at 5200 feet, in the foothills my home is at 7500 feet and it was -20 this morning! The trees are flocked with snow and it is a black and white world out there.

From our front door

Believe it or not, this photo was taken in color. It seems dreary, but in fact the sun has come out and the snow-flocked trees sparkle. Now if I could just get my toes warm!

I’d like more snow! I know, some of you are getting more snow than you can bear. But since I discovered snow dyeing this winter, I’m having a ball. Check out the one-yard fabrics on this site. Ironically, the lower elevations in Colorado aren’t getting much snow. Thank goodness the ski slopes are in great shape. I’m rambling, but good luck to those east of us who are getting the storm now. Stay warm and safe.

Greetings from Colorado!

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