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Janet’s musings on dyes, fabrics and a life of quilting.

Unique hand made notecards

Unique hand made notecards

October 29, 2012 One of the shop items that I’ve been neglecting is my notecard sets. I make and sell quite a few of them through the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado. But I forget to post them in my shops. They are so much fun to make, using up scraps of hand […]

Chartreuse gradations of fat quarters and half yards

New Gradations

October 28, 2012 I’m dyeing gradations again! So many colors to choose from. The first was the result of a custom gradation request – chartreuse!                               I dyed an extra yard so I could make some gradations for my website. This […]

Dye painted fabrics at rest

Miata sports car as work table?!!

October 16, 2012 I am finally able to get back to fabric design after my class with Carol Soderlund. She opened so many doors for me with the techniques she taught. I had to order product, and then the family really thought I should buy groceries, do laundry and those other mundane things that keep […]

Student work from Visions/Revisions

Student work from Visions/Revisions

October 10, 2012 Since I got home from my class with Carol Soderlund in Ohio, I’ve been busy trying to catch up on real life – grocery store, bank, pharmacy, post office, etc., etc. Now I can take a breath and post a few more photos! Since there were only five of us in the […]

Master Class with Carol Soderlund

Master Class with Carol Soderlund

October 7, 2012 I am a lucky woman! I had the great good fortune to spend five days at Nancy Crow’s Timeber Barn studios in a master class with Carol Soderlund. We were only five students who were able to choose what techniques we wanted to learn. For me it was screen printing and discharge […]

Christmas Poinsettias Quilt is Published

Christmas Poinsettias Quilt is Published

August 29, 2012 Quilter’s Newsletter has published my Christmas Poinsettias quilt in their special issue titled Best Christmas Quilts 2012. I’m so proud to be a part of this magazine as it is chock full of quilt patterns and projects for the holidays. Each of the 28 projects include step-by-step instructions. The issue went on […]

Final round of shirts

Final round of shirts

July 6, 2012 With luck I will get all of the photos loaded into this blog. I had seven more shirts to dye. Most were successful, but one will need overdye as it has too much white space. Again, paired by before and after. A little dye from the wooden stirs transfered to the shirt. […]

Not all shirts have to begin white!

Four more dyed shirts

July 5, 2012 I’m planning to dye a few more shirts today. I think I need to come up with some new ways of clamping and dyeing so I get a little different patterning. But what I did yesterday was pretty successful. I’ve chosen a whole new set of colors too. Back to today. These […]

A few more shirts

A few more shirts

July 4, 2012 Thank you to all of you who left comments or emails encouraging me to continue dyeing shirts. I spent today dyeing and wanted to share the results. I had a request that I show the shirt pre-dyeing with the clamping shown. So, I’ve paired up photos of before and after pics. I […]

cowgirl shirt!

Clamp and Dye Shirts

  July 2, 2012 A friend recently shared images of shirts for sale that she really liked. They were obviously clamped and dyed. After all I learned from Elin Noble this spring, I was ready to try my hand at clamped and dyed shirts. The following are images of what I did today. I’m looking […]

The fat quarter quilt grows

As the quilt progresses….

June 10, 2012 Okay, I’ve continued making blocks and side triangles and putting them up on the design wall. The results are pictured below. I’m liking it more and more as it progresses and grows. I was concerned that there was no interplay between the blocks because the fabrics were too busy and diverse. But […]

The start of a new quilt

The start of a new quilt

June 8, 2012 For the last few years I’ve been trying to use my hand dyed fabrics in my quilts – despite a large stash of commercial fabrics. Over the last few months, I’ve been learning to use Electric Quilt to design some quilts. One of these designs was accepted by Quilter’s Newsletter to be […]

More Itajime

More Itajime

June 2, 2012 I finally had the opportunity to get back in my dye room and decided to over dye a few fabrics from my Elin Noble class.                           These were overdyed with a golden yellow. I love the richness it gave these […]

More samples from Elin

Final Fabric Walls with Elin

May 25, 2012 These are the last of the fabric photos that I have to share. Now that I’m home, I’m struggling to remember all the folds and to figure out which folds result in what patterns. And, of course, that depends on which resist objects were placed where on the folded fabric. I can […]

Sherri's fabric

Results of Elin Noble’s class

I don’t have much more to say about the class I took with Elin Noble at the Nancy Crow Barn. These photos of fabric were taken on the last day of class and show how much we learned. The last four photos are coming soon.                     […]

Discussion of first fabrics

Continuing with Elin Noble’s class

[table id=1 /]   May 21,2011         On day two of class Elin went around the classroom and discussed the results of our first fabric dye. She does not critique, she points out aspects of what happened in the fabrics.             I do not have good spacial […]

Around Elin's table

As the class with Elin Noble progressed

May 20, 2012 Class with Elin was full of information and sharing. We would gather around her table and she would share folds and clamps with us. Elin demonstrated her folds using paper as we all followed along. She also had fabric samples of the results of the particular fold. We were busy taking notes […]

First fabrics on the line

First Class Day with Elin Noble

May 14, 2012 My Mother’s Day treat this year was a five-day class in folding and clamping taught by Elin Noble. It was held at the Nancy Crow Barn in Baltimore, Ohio. I can’t say enough good things about either the teacher or the venue. Elin was so generous with her knowledge, her patience and […]

Grandma James quilt pattern

April 17, 2012 Remembering Mom

My family has a long history of quiltmaking. My mother made quilts as a young woman to use as bedding. Her sister, Louise, also started young, but continued quilting throughout her life. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers made quilts to be used on the beds. I have some quilts from each of them, some […]

What to do when the project fails

What to do when the project fails

Recently, I was commissioned to create fabric for a comforter and pillow shams; seven yards total. The request was for a creamy fabric stamped with leaves in blue, purple and green. I thought, “no problem”. I hadn’t thought through how I would get the soda ash to combine with the dyes without mixing them. And […]