Clamp and Dye Shirts


July 2, 2012

A friend recently shared images of shirts for sale that she really liked. They were obviously clamped and dyed. After all I learned from Elin Noble this spring, I was ready to try my hand at clamped and dyed shirts. The following are images of what I did today. I’m looking forward to wearing some of these; others belong to the friend who shared the idea with me.


cowgirl shirt!




















































Please let me know what you think. I’m thinking of making them for sale.

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8 responses to “Clamp and Dye Shirts”

  1. Ann

    Would be interesting to see them “in process” – the white shirt, clamped & ready for the dye bath and the finished product. You have some beautiful results!

  2. Judy Momenzadeh

    LOVE them! I think they will sell.

  3. CS

    LOVE them! Do it!

  4. Vicki W

    Very cool shirts!

  5. Treas

    These are great. I would buy one.

  6. Shawna from Yellowknife

    These are great. I bet they sell well! I would love to own one.

    Shawna from Yellowknife

  7. Beth Brown

    I love these!

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