Color Mixing with Carol Soderlund

October 20, 2013

All last week I was in a dyeing class with Carol Soderlund. It was a class about mixing color with accuracy and we dyed 1028 colors. These were done in three color “families” each of which was composed of different primaries. Carol’s organization of this feat was brilliant. Before class, I couldn’t imagine how a few people could accomplish this in a few days. But I won’t reveal her secret.

The 15 students divided into 3 teams, each dyeing one of the families.

The Sunshine Team

The Sunshine Team


Carol prepared the buckets, mixed the dyes and showed us how to stir – and stir, and stir, and stir!










Carol and stirring

Carol and stirring














But when we were done, we had such beautiful little families!










































And then there was the cutting, all those strips to be cut into those little squares! Here is roommate/table mate Carol Peters at work.



More tomorrow on what we did with the rest of our week! And maybe a peek at the book.





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