Continuing with Elin Noble’s class

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May 21,2011

Discussion of first fabrics





On day two of class Elin went around the classroom and discussed the results of our first fabric dye. She does not critique, she points out aspects of what happened in the fabrics.





Helping Janet



I do not have good spacial thinking. As the folds became more complex during the week, I needed some remedial one-on-one help. Elin was always patient and generous with her time.







Amy's wall on day five



Amy did a fabulous job of working with multiple colors. She was the student who was at the Barn first thing in the morning and was one of the last to leave. I think it shows in her fabrics.







Lisa's wall




Lisa too had gorgeous fabric to show for her five days in the class. I’m still trying to figure out the black, tan and white fabrics near the table. More walls to come in future blogs.










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