Cut into those hand dyes!

February 14, 2011

Valentine’s day – the time for supper at a restaurant, beautiful flowers and other special gifts. My dear cupid gave me a Waterford vase this morning. (He neglected the flowers!) But that’s easily remedied.

That aside, I’ve been snow dyeing like crazy while the opportunity exists! We got 18″ of snow last week. Even though it’s been warm that last few days, we still have plenty left! But the question my customers have is, “How do I use it?” Or they say, “It’s too pretty to cut into.” I will reply, “Please, cut into it.” And if it helps, I’ve made a very simple quilt top featuring one of the multi-color hand dyes combined with several of my semi-solids. It took one day to make and couldn’t be easier!

The blocks are 9″ finished with 6″ finished center squares. The borders are 3″ finished. I used 2 yards of the multi-color and 8 fat quarters of semi-solids. I think’s a very happy and pretty quilt. Now, how shall I quilt it??? Suggestions?

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  1. Mark Wiard

    Janet Jo, Snow dying sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. Especially with the crazy cold weather we are having theses days.

  2. Janet Smith

    It’s a great way to spend a day, but spring is here and snow is becoming more scarce!

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