Learning about discharging fabric the hard way!

Masking off borders for custom discharge project

September 16, 2010

Recently I made some discharged fabrics and put them on this website for sale. I was experimenting with a Clorox bleach pen, straight bleach from the bottle and discharge paste with stamps. It was fun and the results interesting.

These fabrics were also in my DyeSmithy shop on etsy.com where they were seen by a woman in Finland. She asked if I could make a fabric for her using one of the techniques. “Sure”, I said, without asking for details. Well, the design turned out to be a large black board with a great deal of writing. It was going to be a challenge. Eventually I managed the script writing with the bleach pen and the smaller text by slightly thinning discharge paste to s l o w l y use a dental seringe to squeeze out the words.

The photo shows carefully measuring and making a chalk line along the edge of the border that will be discharged to look like a frame. I then put masking tape along that line, being sure it was well stuck down.

Once all was carefully measured and masked, I painted on the discharge paste. It’s drying now. My fingers are crossed that this works. I should know later in the day.

With the customer’s permission, I may be able to show the finished product on this blog. For now, you get the idea from the photos.

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