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Sliding into fun

















Remember how much fun it was as a kid to zip down that slide in the playground? Or to ride on a carousel for the first time? Or to walk barefoot in the warm sand? Those are the moments that stay with you, and those are the moments that are so much fun to share with my first grandchild.

It gives me joy. It lifts me up. It’s a lot like those days in the quilt studio when I’m in the “zone” and the creative chi is flowing freely. It feels so good. We all need to take the time to play – on the playground or in the studio. We need to forget time, be absorbed in what we’re doing and create the art of life.

For me the pleasure is in my grandson, and in my hand dyed, snow dyed, airbrushed or discharged fabrics. I love to play in the dye room. I just love to play. If your joy is making quilts, stop in the fabric shop and find some new “toys” for your next project. It’s time to play!

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