First Class Day with Elin Noble

First fabrics on the line

May 14, 2012
My Mother’s Day treat this year was a five-day class in folding and clamping taught by Elin Noble. It was held at the Nancy Crow Barn in Baltimore, Ohio. I can’t say enough good things about either the teacher or the venue.

Elin critiques my first work

Elin's Samples

Elin was so generous with her knowledge, her patience and her gentle demeanor. First thing, first day, we began clamping and dyeing. We made two pieces to illustrate the difference between dyeing dry fabric and wet fabric. The results were hung on the line and Elin talked about them.
As for the barn, Nancy has created the perfect dye space with a large dry room for teaching and folding fabrics. There is also a large room of tables, sinks,       containers and all things we need for dyeing. The kitchen/dining area also has an outside deck for meals. Someone ordered perfect weather for our week at the barn. There are trails for walking, wonderful sculpture by Nancy’s husband John Steitzline. So many trees and beautiful places. It is truly a retreat.
Elin displayed dozens of possible folding and clamping designs. She gave us her basic folds and turned us lose to explore on our own.

My first attempts at folding and clamping

I folded and clamped a whole bunch of fat quarters to experiment with. I used a variety of folds and many different objects and clamps. Photos of the results of these attempts coming up soon!

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5 responses to “First Class Day with Elin Noble”

  1. Lisa

    Beautiful, beautiful pieces. This looks like it was a LOT of fun. My attempts at folding and clamping have not been so clean and precise but I was just playing around when I tried them too. Your post makes me want to try playing some more!

  2. Dianne Koppisch Hricko

    Thanks so much for sharing. I attended Elin’s workshop the week prior to yours and like you had a wonderful, thought provoking and productive week. It was great. I have been meaning to blog about it and will once that is completed. I can’t wait to see the next installment.


  3. Darcy Berg

    Thank you so much for sharing. I love Elin’s work and have been following her for some time. Someday I will be able to take one of her classes.

    Darcy Berg

  4. Carole Hallman

    Thanks for blogging about the weekshop. I look forward to taking a class with Elin in the future.
    The photos are great and helpful.

  5. Betty Goodwin

    So glad you are posting Elin’s 2nd week class. I enjoyed the first week of discharging tremendously and second your comments about Margaret’s food, the wonderful Barn facilities, and the gracious and kind Steitzlein family.

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