Gradations Make the Quilt

Rosie Glow and Peachy Keen Quilts

As I’ve said before, I often hear quilters question how they can use hand dyed fabrics. People are particularly drawn to gradations of color, but need inspiration for how to use them. I thought this would be a fun challenge to set for myself. The result was two quilts, one a reversal of the value gradation of the other.

These quilts were patterned in Quilter’s Newsletter’s Best Weekend Quilts which has been on newsstands this summer. There the patterns are given for making a single quilt. However, I cut long strips of the fabrics, stitched them into strip sets and cut triangles along the strips. This resulted in two sets of triangles – one with the dark value at the top of the triangle, the other with the pale value at the top.

Rosie Glow was the first quilt I made. It made a pleasant geometric design and the colors remind me of sherbet. Not wanting to was the fabric, I stitched up the remaining triangles to make Peachy Keen.


















I knew the second quilt would look different, but I expected a similarity. I was surprised at how different they look.


















I do think they made interesting overall designs. It was a fun project to learn how reversing values changes the look of the quilt. It’s been a popular pattern and I’m thrilled to say that Rosie Glow was chosen as the cover quilt for the issue.

Fabrics are available as a kit on this website.


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  1. carole hallman

    love it.

  2. Vicki W

    They both look great!

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