I Spy for Luke

October 3, 2011

How much fun is it to make a quilt for your favorite little one?! When my grandson was an infant, I made a “touchy-feely” quilt of various fabrics such as terry cloth, chenille, faux sheepskin and microfiber. At that stage, it was a good way to stimulate him.

Now Luke is 18 months old and has a huge vocabulary. He knows his animals, colors and many, many objects. So now was the time to make him an “I spy” quilt made of a great variety of novelty fabrics with various images.


Luke's new quilt

I imagine that he will spend many hours pouring over the quilt top, looking for lots of things. It will occupy him while he’s falling asleep at nap time. He can share it with his mom as she asks him to find a particular patch. I hope it gives him many happy memories as he wears it out. He’s already spent an hour examining it today!

As for design, I didn’t plan initially to put the blocks together with black. But, 90% of the blocks have black in them and it was the perfect neutral for pulling it all together. Combined with another light fabric with multiple colors, the black also frames the center.


This was a fun quilt to make. Drawing from my fabric stash as well as a friend’s, it was an adventure to find and cut out all of the images. There are animals, vehicles and a few other objects such as shoes and wizards. One block has a car that looks like my husband’s red sports convertible.

It’s just a top now, but later this week I hope to quilt it in an all-over pattern while on retreat with my quilting bee. We’ll be at the YMCA camp near Estes Park, Colorado. More on that later.

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3 responses to “I Spy for Luke”

  1. Judy Ferguson

    This is such a clever idea. So entertaining.

  2. Janet

    Luke will love the quilt Grammie made for him, the quilt is so bright and pretty.

  3. Toni Mitt

    This is wonderful. Luke will love it! Wasn’t it fun looking for all those fabrics?
    Funny thing is–I am making an I Spy quilt for my own grandson–Lukas! He’s 14 mos right now–hopefully I’ll get it done in time for Christmas…wish me luck!

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