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October 30, 2012

In the last few weeks I’ve been involved in two internet fabric-related challenges. The first comes from the MX Dyers list. It is an ugly fabric challenge. List organizer Barbara has thousands of yards of fabric that she has dyed. Much of it she considers “ugly”. So, she offers to send a piece to anyone who wants to take it on as a challenge to redesign.

I received a half yard piece that originally looked like this.

original “ugly” fabric


I thought it was a very nice fabric. It reminded me of landscape or stones.

But, this was a challenge, so I got out a favorite thermafax screen and used Thiox to discharge some color.

Following is the result.











After the discharge



I think this looks like giraffe skin! I liked it, but I thought I should try to do something more. So…

I overdyed this with a pale green dye. I’m sorry I did.




Final fabric


The green dye shifted the color to something much cooler and duller than the fabric had been. So, I stopped and called it finished.

It’s still a very interesting fabric though, and it was a fun challenge!


The other challenge was to make a small quilt based on a theme. Briefly, the theme was tones or values and a mystery about where had all the buttons gone and why? The challenge was to solve the mystery!

I decided that in the land of yellow tones with a red sun, the light is so bright that the creatures living there need protection for their eyes. So, they “borrowed” all the buttons they could find to cover their eyes. Hence, this quilt of googly-eyed creatures from the land of yellow tones with a red sun.


Very silly, but a quick bit of fun providing an interesting mystery challenge!

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  1. Penny Gold

    Nice placement of the screen! I see what you mean about the results with the green overdye, but hey, looks like stones 🙂 So are you ironing the thiox out with gloves on and the garage door open, or is the weather cooperating?

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