It doesn’t always work well

I have had booths a nearby quilt shows for years, but this year, the first week of May, I am at a booth at the Denver National Quilt Festival. It is my first large show, and I want to have plenty of fabric for all those quilters who attend. Springtime in Colorado is always crazy – rain, snow or sunshine, you never know. This spring has been cold so far. And some techniques for patterning fabric require working outdoors. Airbrushing and bleaching are examples.

We did have one nice day last week and I got a couple of yards of fabric patterned. I got a few yards of black airbrushed fabric made, with metallic paints before my brush quit working. Argh! Airbrushes are finicky. And I got a few yards of discharge done. This one was done by stamping Thiox on a commercial black fabric.
















I also did a yard of commercial black using Thiox first and then bleach. The technique was screen printing. But the bleach was too old so it didn’t remove much color.
















I like it, but wanted more bleaching effect.

I used the same screen first to stamp with thickened dye and then to discharge with Thiox. This was a more successful piece.
















Now the forecast is for rain and snow and very cool temperatures. Will I get back to outdoor work before the Quilt Festival? I don’t know, but I sure hope so. If I do, I’ll share here.















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5 responses to “It doesn’t always work well”

  1. Carol Soderlund

    Nice work, Janet Jo! They all show the subtlety that discharge can add. More snow still? We had 30’s a week ago and 60 over the weekend. I agree with T.S. Eliot—April can be the cruelest month.

  2. Thelma Bradshaw

    Very lovely results Janet Jo!

  3. Cheryl Rezendes

    Wonderful results! Good luck with the show!

  4. Janice PaineDawes

    these are smashing! You should sell out of them for sure. Our weather in AR has been crazy, too. A friend and I have been trying to do an indigo vat outside but the weather hasn’t been cooperating.

  5. Jessica Troian

    Hi! All of these fabrics look like winners to me. I haven’t yet tried dyeing my own fabric, but I’d love to try the snow dyeing method. Maybe next winter! I especially love the first fabric (Thiox on commercial black fabric) and the brown screen printing with Thiox, then bleach. Even though you mentioned that the bleach was weaker, I think it made for a lovely subtle effect. Cheers!

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