Kansas sunset

Kansas sunset.

Kansas sunsets are beautiful this time of year. Lolling in the hot tub, sipping a glass of wine and feeling good about life. At night the coyotes howl. Good friends like these are more precious than any possession.  It’s safe here to relax and be quiet. We have adventures too, getting a pedicure and manicure.  It’s funny going for the manicure with the tinge of red under my nails from working the tomatoes. It’s my first manicure and I’m excited to see if my nails can look pretty. Dyeing fabric is hard on the hands and fingernails. It’s fun to do “girlie” things with Jan. We shopped for purple jeans for her, and we found them!

These are the things that renew the creative spirit so I go home ready to tackle the latest quilt project.

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