Last Blast of Winter Snow(dyes)

Last week we had a substantial snow here at the DyeSmithy. So what does one do? Why, snowdye of course. I thought I could use a few more mandalas in the inventory, so here are a few of what I made.

















This was the softest coloring, I think very icy cold. The next is also cool and colorful.

















And more …

































There are a few more on this website at the one yard and more category. Hope you enjoyed seeing them. I’d love to have your feedback. Do you like the more pastel mandalas? Or, do you prefer the more colorful ones?

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  1. Jessica Troian

    I think both have their merits, but I like the stronger colours myself. It must be such an adventure dyeing with snow. The results would be such a surprise! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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