Latest Christmas Quilt

My Christmas Quilt Comes Home

Following in the tone of my Springtime quilt, I made another Christmas quilt using mostly itajime shibori hand dyes. I love the patterning it gives to the over all quilt. It is being published in Quilter’s Newsletter’s Best Christmas Quilt 2013 and has just been returned to meThis photo was taken before it was quilted, so please pardon the bad photography. But what sold the quilt to the magazine was the use of the chartreuse green as a background fabric.

Christmas Quilt 2013

Christmas Quilt 2013

















I love making quilts using hand dyes since people who come into my booth say they have purchased my fabric, but they can’t bear to cut into it. Please – Cut! You can make the most phenomenal quilts! I’m going to offer kits for this on my website.

If anyone is interested, the issue with the pattern should be on newsstands around September.

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  1. Thelma Bradshaw

    Beautiful quilt!!! Congratulations !!

  2. Nienke Smit

    Just a great combination of colours, pattern and fabric, well done!

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