Miata sports car as work table?!!

October 16, 2012

I am finally able to get back to fabric design after my class with Carol Soderlund. She opened so many doors for me with the techniques she taught. I had to order product, and then the family really thought I should buy groceries, do laundry and those other mundane things that keep us from what we enjoy.

I’d like to share some of the work I’ve done. A couple of days ago I discharged black fabrics with thiox, one with a stamp and one with a screen. The next day I painted them with thickened procion dye. But I have limited space, so to rest my painted fabric, I had to enlist the “support” of our Miata.

Dye painted fabrics at rest



And here they lay overnight, albeit covered with plastic as they rested and cured.













And it was worth it – and here are the results:

Screen discharged and dye painted















and next:

Stamped discharge with dye painting















And finally,

This colorful piece is screened, over-dyed and dye painted









And then…


I discharged a couple of fat quarters I had in my “needs more work” bin.

Twice folded and clamped and then discharged











Maybe needs more???

Not just sure what. Suggestions?





Dyed, folded and clamped and discharged










Need to eliminate the white areas??? Love how the blue/green discharges to turquoise as does the black.




There is so much more to explore that I hope to be able to share much more work as the next few days and weeks progress. The weather in Colorado has been beautiful, my work will be determined by the temperature and fall of moisture. (Lots of folks wanting snow at the ski resorts!!!)

Thanks for looking and all comments are appreciated!


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2 responses to “Miata sports car as work table?!!”

  1. Lisa White Reber

    Hi Janet Jo! I really like the twice folded, clamped & discharged fat quarter. In the photo, the blue & white Xs look like they are floating above the orange Xs. You planned that so well! I don’t know if it’s possible to add the appearance of more depth by adding shadows below/behind the orange Xs. Dye painting charcoal or burnt umber maybe? And your giraffe spot screen is giving you great results still!

  2. Johanna Fritz

    Janet Jo:
    Thank you for taking the time to post your photos and describe your work process. I agree with Lisa above…I think adding depth with shadow would be lovely – I had the same thought of them floating above. Great work.

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