Monkey Wrench – now an “FO”

Rainbow Monkey Wrench

Prompted by posts on the quiltart list, I got out my large plastic bin of UFO quilting projects that are years old. There were about 8 quilt tops in it, most including the backing and binding. They just wanted quilting.

For my first project I chose a Monkey Wrench made from my gradation hand dyes. It wasn’t the best piecing I’ve ever done, but it is graphically interesting and was a lot of work to make. It seemed worth finishing. So, a week later, here it is – but … do you see the piecing error? Too late now. I’ll just claim to have done it on purpose!


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  1. Carol Logan Newbill

    Just tell people “The monkeys are shaking hands.” 🙂

    It takes some careful looking to find. It only jumps out at you because you know it’s there.

  2. alison schwabe

    Good heavens – I had to really look and look. A blind man on a galloping horse wouldn’t see it. In the world of islamic art and surface decoration everything no matter how fine quality must have some small deliberate flaw(s) to show it is man made – as only Allah can produce perfection ….

  3. Norma Schlager

    Didn’t the old quilters purposely make a mistake, so that it would not be perfect? I think the theory was that only God is perfect. So you can alway claim that your error was intentional. Yes, I found your piecing error, but think it is a charming quilt none the less. Great colors!

  4. Evelyn Forbis

    it is beautiful. Took me a while to find the piecing miastake, but so what it still gooke great.

  5. Lyn Wolf Jackson

    I see it, but I really had to look. I would leave it. It looks to me like two rows decided to hold hands in one sweet spot.

  6. Martha Ginn

    An exciting quilt–and only another quilter would search to find the oddity. You inspire me to break out some old boxes of UFOs and finish them. If not finished, they will be trash. Back when I took every class available and started waaaay too many projects, I never dreamed I wouldn’t finish them all!

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