More Color Mixing with Carol Soderlund

October 21, 2013

As a follow up to my previous post, this post is about what we did in class after the dyeing, washout, ironing, cutting and labeling of the fabrics for the book. Carol mixed up a whole new batch of dyes.

The dyes

The dyes














Our assignment was to pick a color from the book, mix it up and dye a solid or a mottled fabric. I chose a solid. Then we were to dye a darker or lighter value of the same color. These were pretty bland, so I haven’t shown them here. But we did do a fair bit of measuring and mixing to practice getting our colors. It all looked so scientific!


Measuring and mixing

Measuring and mixing















Carol also showed us how she gets her crystal-like patterning by scrunching the fabric into a container.



















Carol gave us a wonderful show and tell of her fabrics. (Sorry the one is so blurry, but it was too pretty to leave out.)




























































Finally, this is the fabric I made using Carol’s scrunch technique. I literally wasn’t in a position to get photographs of other’s fabrics. Sorry. But I hope you enjoy what is here.





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  1. Penny

    Wow, that fabric of yours at the end is gorgeous! Love the combination of turquoise and rust. And was there some gold/yellow in the middle range?

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