My Fat Quarter Quilt Comes Home

November 18, 2012

The often asked question is: “The hand dyes are beautiful, but how can I cut them up?” Another issue is that hand dyes so often are solids or read as solids. People don’t necessarily think of them as patterned. I wanted to try dyeing, cutting up and piecing patterned hand dyes into a pleasing quilt.

This year I took a five-day course on techniques for putting pattern on fabric. It was with Elin Noble who taught me a lot about folding and clamping fabric for dyeing. When I got home from class, I had a design accepted into a Quilter’s Newsletter special issue of fat quarter quilts. I decided to dye a number of fat quarters using my newly-learned techniques. I included some arashi shibori fabrics and a few others that I already had dyed. I’m really pleased with the resulting quilt.


The blues, tans and small greens were patterned. The large green squares and borders were cut from a semi-solid hand dye intended to visually pull the patterned elements together. It is 61″ square, a great lap size or topper. While it may appear to be a two-block quilt, it is actually made up of a single block design, set on point, with side and corner units to complete the edges.

The QN special issue comes out on newsstands Christmas day. Of course the pattern is included, if you’re interested. A set of unique fabrics to make this quilt is available on request on this website. Just click on the contact button and let me know!


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4 responses to “My Fat Quarter Quilt Comes Home”

  1. Vicki W

    Your quilt is awesome!

  2. Jeanne

    Lovely use of hand dyes. It really shimmers with movement!

  3. Gisela

    Lovely — very pleasing to look at!

  4. Pat D

    I’d love to make this quilt. It is all the colors I like!

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