New Arashi Shibori

February 13, 2012

There has been a lot of talk on the QuiltArt Internet list about Arashi Shibori dyeing. (pole wrapping) It was sparked by Kay Sorenson taking a class from Jan Myers Newbury, a leader and teacher in this ancient Japanese art. I’ve always loved the quilts Jan makes with her fabrics. And her fabrics reflect the years of experimentation she has done.

I learned this technique years ago from Debra Lunn. It’s labor intensive and I like to do pieces with two colors. First I dye a single color and when it’s washed and dried, I pole wrap the fabric and dye with a second color. I have yet to try painting multiple colors on a pole wrapped fabric. But I have a few new pieces I made at the request of a client. I’d like to share some photos here. One day perhaps I’ll make a quilt from Arashi fabrics.

Green with Navy blue

Gray with burgandy































Rust with brown
















Yellow with navy blue

















One day I hope to study with Jan M.N. Until then, I’ll keep experimenting on my own. It is really fascinating to see how to create different patterns as well as seeing how various color combinations come out.

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