QN blog tour and New Gradations

The DyeSmithy has been busy making gradations! Once I get started, it’s hard to quit. One gorgeous color after another, most in six-steps. Sometimes it is five. There are many on this site, under the heading of fabric packs and gradations. But here are just a few of the newer ones. First is a wonderful gradation of cream to tan, perfect to use as background fabrics. See how I did this in my Monkey Wrench quilt in the gallery.

Fat quarters or half yards available.

Fat quarters or half yards available.














Another recent set of six is a yummy pumpkin orange gradation.

Fat quarters and half yards available.

Fat quarters and half yards available.














Then there is this mottled boysenberry gradation.


Fat quarters and half yards available.

Fat quarters and half yards available.














And for those following the Quilter’s Newsletter blog tour, this blue gradation will be given to someone who reads this blog and leaves a comment. A name will be randomly chosen from those who leave their name and email address. Good Luck!!

Five-step blue gradation

Five-step blue gradation



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  1. Amy

    I found you through Amanda Murphy. Your fabric is just beautiful! Oh, I also hope you had a wonderful birthday. 😉

  2. Lisa Marie

    Beautiful! It would be wonderful to have perfectly coordinated gradations to work with. Amanda is spreading the word that it’s your birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Penny

    Ooh, would be lovely to win one of your gradations!!

  4. Margaret Schindler

    Happy birthday and I hope you have a great New Year. I love the gradations of color Thanks for sharing.

  5. Trina

    Wow!! Those are just beautiful!

  6. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday to you! The degree of shades that you create are wonderful!

  7. DarrilynM

    I would love to be able to dye my own fabrics. You are a real inspiration.

  8. Jocelyn

    The fabric variations are beautiful. Love how each group coordinates. Thanks!

  9. LINDA


  10. Susanna Cornett

    Love your fabrics! I will have to bookmark your page!

  11. anna brown

    wow love the pumpkin orange but they are all so nicely done …

  12. teri beamer

    Love these! I may have to try this myself, they are beautiful.


    Amanda says it is your Birthday, Happy Birthday. I just the love the fabric. Could really use it. I have a grandson birthday in May, would be the prefect gift for his quilt. Will be 21 this year. He is a great young man, helps to take care of his grandmother of 89, and his aunt 44, which is handicapped.He donates his life to them.

  14. Diane

    I love the L is for Luke. I need to make an X is for Xavier.

  15. Roberta Miller

    The colors are great! Thanks!

  16. wanda

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! SO fun to have the L is for Luke quilt with him.WOnderful colors.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Joyce Mitchell

    Your gradations fabrics are lovely. I also love your L is For Luke Quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Vicki H

    Happy Birthday!! Your gradation fabrics are beautiful.

  19. Susan A

    Lovely fabric! The blue would make a wonderful addition to my stash.

  20. Renata

    Happy birthday. Your fabrics are beautiful.

  21. Sandy K

    I love the gradations. Happy Birthday too.

  22. Gill

    Happy Birthday!!! Amanda Murphy told me!!
    Gorgeous colours – I’d love to win some!!

  23. Pamela Rapp

    I love your quilts & especially all your hand-dyes! They are just lovely! Thanks for participating in this bloghop & giveaway. I would love to win!!

  24. Dee

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You!

    Your fabric graduations are amazing!

  25. Sallie

    Beautiful fabrics! Happy birthday!

  26. Elizabeth Bolton

    I am a novice dyer, I love it, and your work is college level, while I’m in preschool!! Beautiful gradations. Thanks for the chance to win!


  27. Kathy C in OR

    These gradations are just what I need for my next project.
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Marguerite Guinn

    The dyed fabrics are lovely. I like the “L” quilt a lot!

  29. Janine Marie

    What a delicious quilt! Would love to win the gradations. Have a super fun birthday!

  30. Cheryl Hank

    I always wanted to try dyeing fabric. I love the gradations of these.

  31. Elizabeth Monahan

    Gorgeous gradations! And Happy Birthday!

  32. Carol Pahl

    I love the L is for Luke quilt. It would work great for my granddaughter Lauren too! Hope you have a happy birthday, that where you are is warm and cosy.

  33. Cecilia

    Happy Birthday! Amanda is spreading the news. Your fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. Leanne Gifford

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for being part of the blog tour.

  35. Rose L

    “L” is for Luke, what a darling quilt for a darling little boy! Love your gradations fabrics too. Happy Birthday!

  36. Beth T.

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing the celebration with us.

  37. Diane Lussier

    Happy Birthday!! Love the quilts. They are all beautiful! Thank you!

  38. Laura

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the visual treats!

  39. Grace O'Donnell

    Happy Birthday! I LLLLove your L for Luke quilt!

  40. Lyn Kaufmann

    Never have tried to dye fabric, but your berry colors are inspiring! Happy Birthday Janet Jo! Love your L is for Luke, those citrus colors really make you want to touch them. Thanks for sharing!

  41. kris

    just yummy colors!

  42. Debbie H

    I love all the blues! Thanks so much!

  43. Nora Brofford

    nice fabrics. never saw gradations before. Happy Birthday Janet Jo.

  44. robin

    Happy birthday! Lovely gradients! 🙂

  45. Lisa E

    Happy birthday! Blue is my favorite color to use in a quilt, so your beautiful dyed fabrics would be most welcome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. Linda Erickson

    How do you find time to dye with a new baby???
    I like the one-block quilt shown on QNM.

  47. Carrie P.

    Happy Birthday! What wonderful fabrics you have created. thanks for a chance to win some of them.

  48. Linda Webster

    Beautiful gradations!

  49. Barb N

    All those fabrics are delicious – excellent! And a very happy birthday to you – great time to celebrate!

  50. Carol Ann Johnston

    Gorgeous hand dyes! Love the gradations

  51. Jo Hager

    Happy Birthday! Your fabrics look so soft, and I love the colors!

  52. Karen A

    Your hand dyes are gorgeous. Happy Birthday to you!

  53. Teri Sinclair

    Have a wonderful birthday filled with family, friends, cake (!), and time to quilt. What could be better? Your pumpkin color gradations are lovely, though I also loved the raspberry! Thank you.

  54. Rhonda Davis

    Happy Birthday!!! Your fabrics are beautiful! I know I would have SEW much fun using them. Thanks for sharing!

  55. Angela Neff

    Happy Day and thanks for the chance!

  56. Betsy

    Happy Birthday. I am just learning about Modern Quilting. So far so good!

  57. Jessica Troian

    Hey Janet Jo! Happy birthday! I first aw your work when your quilt Gelato was featured in Quilter’s Newsletter magazine. Beautiful! I definitely want to try snow dyeing fabric one day. Your gradation work is beautiful. So glad to see you here on the blog tour! Cheers! Jessica

  58. LINDA


  59. nancy k

    Happy Birthday and your fabrics are lovely!

  60. Daynora

    Happy Birthday
    The gradations are beautiful, I would love to see an “how to” on them.

  61. Audrey

    Beautiful gradations. You have my imagination working overtime. Your L quilt for Luke is wonderful. Even before I read the paragraph on the Quilter’s Newsletter blog I was thinking citrus. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Audrey

    Happy Birthday. I hope it has been a great day to start a great year.

  63. Pam

    Happy Birthday! And thanks for the awesome eye candy! Your fabric is beautiful!

  64. BarbL

    Love your colors! I especially love the boysenberry and blues!

  65. diane i

    Thanks for sharing your pretty fabric with us. It is very pretty blue or the boyensberry. I like your quilt design.

  66. Jacquie Billot

    Love the fabrics, hope you have a very happy birthday.

  67. Elizabeth S

    Love those blues! Happy Birthday, Enjoy!

  68. Debby

    Beautiful fabrics! and Blue just happens to be my “favoritist” color!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win. samtaylorcjsmimi (at) yahoo (dot) com

  69. Debby

    PS – Happy Birthday! 🙂

  70. marta

    Your gradations are beautiful and inspiring for modern quilts…tank you !

  71. Laurie

    Yummy colors. Happy birthday.

  72. Heather J

    The FQs are gorgeous. Love tquilt.

  73. Geni Pickens

    Love the quilt and all the yummy dyed fabric!!

  74. Joan H.

    Your color graduations are so beautiful. Would love to win the “blues”! Hope your birthday is as lovely as your colors

  75. CArol Swota

    I love your quilt and the hand dyes would go so beautiful in my next appliqué. I love using them because they can show such depth with the gradations. Your very talented!!

  76. kbo

    What talent to create these complimenting shades and Happy Birthday!!

  77. Diane Putzer

    Your hand dyed fabric is beautiful. I love color gradations. The quilt looks like summer.

  78. Karen at A Glimpse Into My Reveries

    Beautiful! Just lovely!

  79. Sue Cleek

    Love boysenberry in particular!!

  80. Tweela Houtekamer

    Love the gradations… love your blog!

  81. Linda Thompson

    L for Luke is so pretty…I’m not at all sure I’m in the right spot….all I see is your dyed fabrics. Your son is lovely, hope he gave you an awesome birthday!

  82. Janet

    What beautiful shades, I’m so glad I followed the QN link to here, you are so firmly bookmarked now, lols.

  83. Christina

    I am new to quilting and never imagined you could dye your own fabric. It’s beautiful!

  84. Debby

    I got my beautiful blue gradations fabrics in the mail today – Thank you soooooooooooo much for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics. Not sure what I’m going to use them in yet ’cause I want it to be so special. Thanks again.
    Debby Errigo, Pennsauken NJ

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