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October 28, 2012

I’m dyeing gradations again! So many colors to choose from. The first was the result of a custom gradation request – chartreuse!

Chartreuse gradations of fat quarters and half yards
















I dyed an extra yard so I could make some gradations for my website. This is a dye that I purchased from Pro Chemical and I found it to be very pale. These fabrics have been dyed three times just to reach these values. Now I know to use a LOT of that dye!

I also purchased a dye called Golden Delicious from ProChem at the same time, hoping to get the right color for my client. This one turned out to be a pale yellow – duh. What color are Golden Delicious apples? It too is a very pale, soft color. Lovely, but pale. So this experiment turned into more gradations for the shop.

Golden Delicious!
















I’ve had a quilt design accepted into a special issue of Quilter’s Newsletter that will be titled Weekend Quilts. I needed to dye gradations of orange and red. But I grabbed the wrong dye and did a gradation of dark yellow. It’s a very pretty yellow though – brilliant and lemony.

Dark Yellow half and quarter yard gradations
















After that, I paid more attention to what color the jar was labeled! And I got the needed orange and reds for my quilt! I made extra so I could offer them to others in the form of these gradations.

Dark orange half and quarter yard gradations

Fire red half and quarter yard gradations































I already have purple and green gradations in the shop. So next is to get some  blue going. Lots of people love blue!

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