New look with Airbrushed Fabrics

October 12, 2010

I learned to airbrush fabric more than a decade ago, but had gotten so involved with dyeing that I didn’t continue with airbrushing. I did make a couple of quilts, including the one shown here. It was meant as a wall quilt (since it has small bead embellishments) for baby.

Baby quilt

The fabrics were popular at my booth at Quilt A Fair. I had several patterns and the “scrunch” was the most popular. Depending on color, the pattern looks much like leaves or crystals.


I think the stripes look the most elegant.


And making patterns can be really fun. I scavenged objects from my husband’s garage (yes, we have separate garages!). He now has wire and washers and lots of other things that are a rainbow of colors.


But the most elegant of all are that metallic paints on commercial black fabric.

Metallic on black

The process takes twice as long as dyeing, so they have to be priced a little higher. But what a great look it has. There are so many color combinations, and I haven’t tried mixing paint colors yet. That has to come next.

Anyone have advice? New techniques for creating patterns? I’m ready to learn and I’m not finding much on the internet. Any resource suggestions are appreciated!

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