Retreat! Retreat!

October 11, 2011

For a number of years my quilting bee has been going on a fall weekend retreat to the mountains. Recently we have been staying at the YMCA of the Rockies near Estes Park, Colorado. We rent a large house that has a beautiful living space upstairs and a large room in the basement where we can set up tables, ironing boards and sewing machines.

There were a variety of projects going on from rug braiding to quilt assembly to quilting. Even with only seven women, we had a full house of tables and machines!

From this group of busy women, three were unable to attend this year. Next year for sure.

We all are assigned a meal or two and the food is fabulous. Salads, salmon, chicken, brownies, strawberries and ice cream. It’s a multi-talented bee. Each person brings their own breakfast along with snacks and wine to share.

In addition to sewing and eating, we enjoyed several rousing games of Mexican Train. I won twice!!










The weather was perfect mountain/sewing weather. For the first time this fall, we got a snow. Sorry, no picture. Just imagine a snow-covered, ponderosa pine hillside with a view of the valley below and a circle of high, snow-topped mountains around.

It was a perfect time for designing what will undoubtedly be an award winning quilt.

I highly recommend these retreats for any quilt or art group. It’s good for the soul and gets a lot accomplished. It certainly is a highlight of my fall schedule.


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  1. Logan

    We had the same arubpt change her in Delaware, though the temps did spike this weekend. I’m very content with cool weather. I LOVE FALL. =) My design wall has always been the floor or my queen size bed. Crawling around on the floor is just another part of the process. I really like your blog and would love it if you visited mine!

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