Rolling Hills of Kansas

Kansas Countryside

August 19, 2010

After all that hard work canning, it’s terrific to sit on the back deck overlooking the rolling hills of Jackson County, Kansas. The land has seasons beyond those of the weather. The pasture behind the house lies fallow in winter, resting up for the spring.

Once the grasses begin to grow, a local cattleman brings his cows and their newly born calves onto the land. They spend the summer eating and growing. There’s a large pond for their water. The little ones run and play.

In early August the cattleman moves his herd to another pasture. The grass has grown tall and green. The equipment moves in to cut and bail the grass as hay, preparing for the winter to come. The huge bales sit in the Kansas sun, just at the time we are making our soup. A semi tractor and trailer arrives and the bales are loaded and hauled away. With the fall and winter come the fallow rest, preparing the land for the cycle to begin again. Here you feel the connection to nature and to the land and to the natural rhythm of life. It’s a comforting feeling, like coming home.

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