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I’m very happy to report that I have TWO quilts in the upcoming issue of Quilter’s Newsletter’s Best Scrap Quilts 2014  which will be on the newsstands soon! The first quilt, Four by Nine, is the result of a Four-Patch exchange with staff when I was working as an editor for QN.  I set the little blocks together to create a diagonal pattern across the quilt. Each little square in the blocks is one inch. This is a “pick-up” from a previous issue.

Four by Nine scrap quilt

Four by Nine scrap quilt














The second quilt was made specially for this issue. I call it Rainbow Stars and it is 92″x92″, big enough to use on the bed. The criteria set by QN was that no more than a fat eighth would be used of any one fabric. Needless to say, it took dozens of fabrics – a great stash buster! The star blocks are easy to make and I was very pleased with the result. It is the placement of value within each block that really “makes” the stars.

Rainbow Stars scrap quilt

Rainbow Stars scrap quilt

















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  1. Penny

    How great, Janet! I especially like the star pattern and how there are square and rectangular patterns within it as well as the stars.

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  3. Patti

    Love the star quilt!

  4. Elizabeth Brown

    I absolutely like the star pattern too! In fact, that is why I am buying the magazine!


  5. Lauren Lawson

    I love both of these scrappy quilts! I’m really getting into scrappy myself and am building my collection of scraps.

  6. Barbara Sindlinger

    Can’t wait for this magazine to come out as I’m always looking for great ways to use my scraps.

  7. Patty Happel

    Love your Rainbow Stars quilt. Thanks!

  8. Jenn Martin

    Love the bright colors and the star pattern.

  9. Chris

    I can’t wait for this magazine both are beautiful!

  10. Kathy Stewart

    I love the Rainbow Star quilt! That’s one I would definitely like to make!

  11. Cheryl Randleman

    I am loving all the scrap quilt patterns coming out — those are all I like to work on nowadays. Thanks for the giveaway of the wonderful looking bundle!!

  12. anna brown

    nice I have a pile of 2.5 squares started already….Bu i so love color your rain bow star quilt is fun looking….

  13. Bettejean Van Weerthuizen

    Love both of these quilts and can see several ways to use them to use up scraps.

  14. Terry

    (Controlled) scrappy quilts are my favorite.

  15. MK Kerr

    I love the Rainbow Stars. Such wonderful colors. I’m looking for a quilt for a grandson who I think is a star. This might just be the one!

  16. Leanna Robins

    Scraps and more Scraps, My favorite quilts to make.

  17. Tweela

    I also love the star quilt. I think the choice of fabrics give it a “modern” look.

  18. Barb Woods

    Love scrappy quilts ! These are Great!!

  19. Sherril McGann

    I like both of these quilts but I LOVE the Rainbow Stars quilt.

  20. Barb Woods

    Thanks for the opportunity to see these quilts magazine should be great

  21. Nina Riddle

    LOVE the bright colors!! Beautiful!

  22. Kelli

    Love your rainbow stars!

  23. Dana Gaffney

    Wow, I love this, lots of color and stars are my favorite quilts to make.

  24. Julie A. Boster

    Hello, Such beautiful quilts~ Love both patterns~

  25. MArgaret Graham

    They are both truly stunning. I would love to make both of them.

  26. Denise

    I love the star quilt. I want to make one.

  27. Joy M

    What beautiful quilts! I love that you started one with the four-patch exchange, and your stars just shine in the second quilt. Aren’t scrap quilts the BEST?!

  28. Brenda Burden

    Beautiful quilts. 100% inspiration.

  29. Lauralee Green (Lala)

    Your website/blog is lovely. Thank you for sharing all this beauty. I’ve tried my hand at dyeing and it’s a time consuming process. The Rainbow Stars scrappy quilt looks like it would be fun to make. Your hand dyed fabrics are nicely showcased in this quilt. Thank you. Lala

  30. Karen W.

    I love the Four by Nine quilt! I also like bright colors. Thanks for the chance to win the scrap bundle.

  31. tane ashley

    would love to win fabric so pretty!!!!!!!

  32. Nancy Karas

    i do love your quilts- I like the use of many colors. I like the “irish chain” effect and how it could use up lots of small scraps in the four by nine quilt.

  33. Quilting Tangent

    I like both your quilts. You hit my favorites – rainbow and scrappy.

  34. Karen Cooper

    I have already pinned the star quilt on Pinterest–love it!

  35. Jennifer

    I just love what you did with the 4 patch exchange! Its a great quilt! And I can’t wait to see the pattern for the stars – I see one of these in my future!

  36. Lindi

    Love the colors!

  37. Arlene Saia

    Beautiful quilts. So glad I found your sight for hand dyed fabrics. Thanks!

  38. Nancy B.

    Really like the Rainbow Stars quilt, the colors are beautiful, nice border on it too.

  39. Cathy Koester

    I love the star quilt and very much enjoy scrappy quilts.

  40. Katie

    Such nice, bright scrap quilts. I love them!

  41. Ellen Reinwald

    I will have to make both! I can’t choose! HAHA

  42. Shelly Beth Grappe

    LOve your pallet of colors. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Judy Trott

    I love rainbow stars

  44. Jocelyn

    Fabulous quilt!! Love scrappy!

  45. Nancy Gilpin

    Congratulations on being published! What fun to walk into a store and see your work on the news stands, enjoy!

  46. Conie Dyer

    LOVE the batiks and stars in Four by Nine!

  47. Donna Wilhelm

    I love both the quilts but the star one is my favorite! I’ve slowly been building up my scrap pile to make some of these awesome patterns but usually I end up cheating and using some bigger pieces. I have a hard time just buying a fat quarter or smaller amounts!

  48. Lynn Kunz

    I love the rainbow stars quilt! From the picture it looks like you used lots of solids and not too many prints. Is it just the pic, or is that so? I see your value placement – good job!

  49. Susan Parker

    I love scrap quilts, both quilts are very nice but the star quilt really “pops” Congrats on getting published.

  50. Janet Frank

    Love the star quilt!! Really an eye popper! I have a stash of scraps & think this is a good one to use them on!

  51. Barb

    LOVE you quilts!

  52. Carolyn D'Annolfo

    Love all the colors in the star quilt – a challenge!

  53. Mari Hintz

    Really love the colors in the star quilt,

  54. Janice

    I never tire of well made traditional quilts. These are beautiful!

  55. Christiana Dean

    Love the saturation of all the bright colors.

  56. Terri Steinfurth

    WOW, really love the the bright stars. Beautiful. Congratulations on having 2 quilts in one magazine issue!

  57. Wendy Krona

    Love, love, love the rainbow star quilt!

  58. Carole Engelby

    How creative and inspiring…I absolutely love to create scrap quilts. Thank you for the fabric “eye candy”.

  59. B.J. Peters

    Love stars and color–what a great combination! Congrats.

  60. Janice

    A beautiful quilt. Well done!

  61. Linda Webster

    Congratulations on having two quilts in the magazine! I really love the scrappy look of Rainbow Stars.

  62. Luanne

    Love both quilts; but the star one would really make a dent in my scraps! Thanks!

  63. Cecilia

    I love your star quilt! I will have to get the magazine just for this quilt pattern. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on having two quilts in the magazine.

  64. Claire

    Those are beautiful quilts. Well done.

  65. Michele

    I love your star quilt and have been having so much fun working with scraps lately. I’ve been doing smaller projects so that bed size quilt is inspirational!

  66. Cathy Bargar

    Fabulous scrappy quilts! I can’t decide which I like more!

  67. Judy clay

    Awesome colors.

  68. Judy clay

    Awesome colors

  69. Susan

    I love both designs. I am building up my scrap collection so I should pick up a copy of this issue!

  70. Jeanne

    I really like your rainbow star quilt. Wouldn’t mind having one of those for myself. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent.

  71. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    What beautiful quilts! I especially like the Rainbow Stars quilt. Just amazing…Thank you for sharing your quilts with us.

  72. Renata

    Love both quilts!

  73. Karen H

    Really like the stars. They are so me.

  74. Janet T

    Love hand dyed fabrics. You get such interesting colors.

  75. cathy gallion

    these are beauties , would love to make one someday and have it to look as beautiful as yours .

  76. Karen

    I just love the Rainbow Stars scrappy look. It is so vibrant and beautiful.

  77. Connie German

    Beautiful. Love all the bright colors

  78. WyoDi

    WOW – the stars really shine in that quilt!

  79. Karen Abma

    The star quilt is really lovely. I also see that the four patch would really lend itself to small leftovers in a great variety of fabrics. I do love scrap quilts. They are so interesting to sew and look at.

  80. Julie in GA

    I love your Rainbow Stars quilt!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. Beth B

    Love the star pattern. Actually, both are great quilts.

  82. Florence Daly

    Both Quilts are beautiful. The 4-patch looks old pattern. The Star Quilt really uses lots of scraps. I could probably make a dozen of them.

  83. Florence Daly

    I really like both quilts, would like to make them.

  84. Barb Cox

    The rainbow stars quilt is lovely. I woukld love to make one like it.

  85. Mary Oddan

    Love qny kind of scrap quilts.

  86. Janine Marie

    Both quilts are beautiful, but Four by Nine is my kind of quilt.

  87. kathy isaak

    absolutly beautiful love the colours and pattern.. so freash…

  88. Shar

    I love both these patterns. I love the star quilt the best. I really like the hint of purple in there.

  89. Sheila Fernkopf

    I really like your Rainbow Stars pattern. It would be a challenge to find so many different colors to use, but I would sure try. Congratulations on two quilts in this issue.

  90. Karrie Smith

    I’m in LOVE with your rainbow stars quilt!!! It is so stunning! Those colors are gorgeous!

  91. Bertha Holcomb

    Beautiful quilts. I have some flannel pieces that I would love to use to make a quilt.I have not seen a quilt that I liked enough to use them. But yours are most definitely an inspiration.

  92. Amy Caldwell

    Love your quilts!!!

  93. Kelly Sas

    Not a fan of Scrappy Quilts but your quilts and patterns have changed that!

  94. Elaine

    Love both your quilts, but the four by nine is my favorite!

  95. Jenni L.

    I love the Rainbow Stars quilt! So very pretty!

  96. Rina

    Both are beautiful but the Rainbow Stars is amazing and to know that it required you to use nothing larger than a fat eighth of each fabric is mind boggling. That’s a real scrap buster.

  97. Jennifer White

    My mom would love this pattern. I might have to make one for her for Christmas

  98. Priscila Brine

    It’s hard to choose between the two quilts. Both are beautiful! The colors in the Rainbow Stars are so attractive, and the hand-dyed background on the Four by Nine is intriguing!

  99. Barb McLeary

    Love the rainbow colors!

  100. Janet rice

    I like the stars quilt with all the bright colors. So pretty!

  101. jacki

    I love the rainbow stars – especially since I have been cleaning up my scraps and I am ready to roll on a quilt or 2 that will use some up for me.

  102. Rhonda Desgranges

    I really love your rainbow star quilt. I want to make one, too!

  103. Gwen Denluck

    love your scrap quilts. I am madly trying to use up my scraps – but could always use more.

  104. Laura McFall

    Great quilts. Always looking for new ideas for scrappy! Thank you,

  105. Laura

    I love scrappy quilts! I love using scraps by color in quilts. Thanks for the chance to add to my stash!

  106. GwenH

    I love the Rainbow Stars Quilt, beautiful job!!

  107. Chris

    Love the quilts. The bright colors are just my style!

  108. Karen

    Just love the 4 by 9 patch! I’ve been working through the color stashes I have, to start bring it down to a decent size.

  109. Peg

    I love both of these quilts!

  110. Michelle Harrison

    How lovely! The colors are what really make these quilts sing.

  111. Shirleyann Graff

    I love your comment above “It is the placement of value within the blocks that really “makes” the stars. So profound.
    Your quilts are beautiful–thanks for sharing them with us and congrats on your honor of having two quilts published in Quilter’s Newsletter Best Scrap Quilts 2014. They are both beautiful patterns from a very talented quilter.

  112. Pat Wade

    I especially love the stars pattern. Thanks for the chance at the give-away.

  113. Margaret Terry

    Love the combination of colors you use. Helps inspire we “color challenged” folks!

  114. Kathy g

    Really like the Four by Nine scrappy quilt

  115. Sandi Benfield

    I love the bright colors! It is a very striking quilt!

  116. Dina

    love the jewel like effect of the rainbow stars. i do have LOTS of scraps, but always room for more!

  117. Rosalind Gutierrez

    Awesome and creative scrappy quilts.

  118. Sandra Starley

    congrats. Love the stars, my favorite quilt pattern

  119. LynDee

    I do like those Rainbow Stars…lots of blocks, but in no way could you get bored with myriad of fabrics needed. Congrats on two in one publication!

  120. Patty Stone

    Love, love, love me some scrap quilts!

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