Shadow leaf airbrushed fabrics

October 25, 2011

In these last few warm days of fall I’ve been airbrushing. I’m happy to say these fabrics were popular at the booths I had this year and I needed to replenish my inventory. While the camera doesn’t capture the rich beauty of the metallic paint on black fabric, when seen in person, quilters and seamstresses fall in love.

While I’m sure others have used this technique, it was a discovery for me. I’ve used a variety of leaves to make these fabrics – gingko, cottonwood, oak and peony. Each shape has its own beauty. But what made these special was moving the leaves slightly between spraying each color. It creates a shadow effect that I find particularly beautiful. I’m so pleased with them that I wanted to share. Of course they are also posted in the airbrush section of the shop.

cottonwood leaves

















Peony leaves

















Detail of gingko leaves

















Oak leaves

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6 responses to “Shadow leaf airbrushed fabrics”

  1. Lorri Chambers

    These are so beautiful….I am a collector of leaf things and so am impressed when people create with them…thanks so much for sharing….would love to see some more , maybe on a goldish background or a batik, or hand dyed….just lightly air brush…..

  2. Frieda Anderson

    These are lovely. Just perfect for fall projects.

  3. Norma Schlager

    They are stunning! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. April Sproule

    Beautiful work, and what a great technique. What a wonderful idea.

  5. cat stone

    These are just stunning! You’re right about metallic paint not showing up on the computer, but I can imagine how beautiful they would be in real life.

  6. LynDee

    These are lovely!

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