There’s always a quilt in there someplace

September 1, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about going to Kansas to make and can tomato soup and salsa. There are some beautiful photos of the process and the result. But, there’s always a quilt going in my life. And this trip was no exception. My friend Jan is also a quilter (big surprise!) and she had an idea for a new quilt. It involved using scraps of my hand dyed fabric.

I took my bin of odd lots and bargains that I always have at my booth at Quilt A Fair in Longmont, Colorado. It’s full of odds and ends and off cuts. Some are left from my earlier projects. Others are odd lengths left after dyeing. There’s a wide variety of hand dyed, painted and airbrushed fabrics. Jan went through every piece, choosing “definites” and “maybes” and “no, that won’t work”. She had yards of fabric chosen by the time she was finished. But she’ll want it as we calculate she’ll need ten plus yards.

Jan chose a Tumbler pattern that she had a plastic template for. It made cutting the patches so easy!

Cutting Tumblers

We each cut Tumblers in between peeling tomatoes, cooking salsa and canning up the pint jars. Within the first day we had 100 plus patches cut. That night Jan stayed up late arranging and rearranging them to create a pattern she liked.

Tumbler quilt beginning


Of course this isn’t the end. Jan wants a quilt large enough to be a queen-size bed spread. She’s determined that she’ll need 624 Tumblers to get that size. And by the time I left, we had cut more than 300 patches. So, she’s well on her way to that new bed spread!

The theme here is that even while you’re cooking and canning, there’s always time to work on a quilt!!



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