Those visits to Luke

November 4, 2010

Sometimes I think I don’t know what to blog – but I realized that one of the most important things in my life is my grandson Luke! I was with him in early October. He had learned to sit on his own, which means he can entertain himself for up to 30 minutes. He’s such a happy boy.

Luke and his toy box

Luke also found his “voice”. He began making noises, sometimes loud noises just to hear himself. I think he just realized that he could control the sound. He’s also discovering himself in a mirror. He’s fascinated with his own image. How is it that babies always recognize and connect with other babies?

The baby in the mirror

Remember how happy your children were when you came into the room? They would get a big grin on their face and, when older, run to you to be picked up. Well, each morning when Mommy carried Luke into the living room, I would get a huge smile. He was happy to see his grammy! He also liked grammy feeding him that good cereal.

Big smile for Grammy

So, I’m going back to Phoenix in a week to see what new tricks Luke has learned. He’s working up to crawling I hear. That will make life interesting for Mommy!

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